Social Work with Children and Youth
The joint study programme
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The joint study programme Social Work with Children and Youth

The goal of the joint study programme Social Work with Children and  Youth - to develop masters with high personal and professional competence in social work that will be able to work on intercultural level with children and youth, do research while analyzing children and youth social problems; will be able to organize social work and provision of services, finding the most effective solutions to these problems, moreover – will be able to continually reflect on, evaluate their professional activities and provide these opportunities for performance improvement.

The content of joint master study programme is organized to increase everyone‘s ability to take part in lifetime studies and provide possibilities for foreign students study together in different cultural and academical environment.

Provided master study programme is designed to prepare high qualification social work professionals who gained formed scientific analytical skills and are able creatively apply, evaluate and develop various social work strategies in order to seek sustainable change ensuring high quality service for children and youth.

One of the most unique thing of this program is that students both on the theoretical and practical level will have the opportunity to gain a broader range of competencies because they will study with in international group of students, they will be working with teachers from different countries, who have a wider range of practical and scientific research skills and experiences of social work with children and youth. Thus, students will have a unique opportunity to gain experience from foreign teachers, to practice in the European Union countries (Latvia, Portugal, Spain and other) and take over the best social work with children and youth practices of that countries.

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